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Welcome to Marine Prop - Boat Propeller Sales!

Boat Propeller specialists for over 30 years!

 Boat Propeller Boat Propeller choice can be a difficult task. With so many choices on the market these days, Marine Prop is committed to getting the right boat propeller for your boat and boating needs...the first time. We sell the propellers from the boat propeller manufacturers that we have found to be the best value, for performance, in the boat propeller industry. Every boat owner has different needs, just as every propeller has its characteristics. 3 blade, 4 blade, 5 blade? Rake, pitch, diameter? Stainless, aluminum, bronze? All are easily answered by the specifications of your boat and your use. We can help with your propeller choice!

Boat Propeller Professionals!

Starting in the boat propeller business in 1974, Marine Prop has had over 30 years of hands-on experience in boating and boat propellers. It did not take long to figure out that not all boat propellers are created equal, and not all boats have the right propeller installed when they are sold. Things like propeller diameter and propeller pitch are the easily answered questions. The right diameter and pitch will get you in the ballpark. But what about cupping? What about rake? How much blade surface and diameter do I need? Should my propeller be ventilated? Stainless steel boat propeller or aluminum? Three, four or five blades? Each answer is dependent on the use of the boat. Take for example two boats. Same boat, same motor. One is used mostly for fishing, the other used mostly for waterskiing, kneeboard, wakeboarding etc. Each of these boats should use a different propeller, because of its use, to get the best performance. Do you know which boat propeller you need?
We can help!

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